Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Progress, progress!!

12th November:

Many thanks to our kind supporters who responded 
so quickly to our appeal and have pledged money
for Fatima's treatment. Dinah is now en route to Bhola
and we look forward to hearing her news of life
at Bhola Garden. Yesterday, Ali sent us this update:

"Dear all
Fatima is admitted in the Hospital and has
start to get the proper medicine. We are
paying food, Medicine, every thing.

Lots of love from your children." (Ali)

Monday 10th November: We received this sad news from Ali:

"An Orphan girl, Fatima Begom, 17 years old, 
(don¹t have father, mother and other relatives) has
been burned by fire, and admitted in the government
Hospital in Bhola but she couldn¹t buy the medicine,
then she was discharge from hospital. Now her burn
place is dangerous, she may not be live any more if
she will not get proper treatment. If any one can help
her, she my saved. If any one can help her then I can
go for the treatment, she or he can send the money after.

Very simple away she burnt, after evening she was
giving the light with Kerosene lamp oil
In the lamp it wasn¹t any kerosene so she opens
the mouth of the lamp for to put in the kerosene,
at that time the burning part of the lamp with
kerosene fall down on her body, the cloth was on her
body was silk cloth so its burn and melted on her Skeins.

Send the prayer to the others friend if needed.

Lots of love from your children." (Ali)

We sparing you the photograph, but can assure
you the poor girl¹s burns are horrendous.
Although not strictly within Bhola¹s Children¹s remit,
we have told Ali to proceed immediately with the treatment:

"Thank you so much for quick answer, tomorrow morning I will go to
hospital with her.
God bless you. Make a special pray for the girl". (Ali)

If you would you like to contribute to Fatima¹s treatment
and skin grafts, please write Ĺ’Fatima¹ on the back
of your cheque and we will make sure she is told
who has helped her. Thankyou.

Friday, October 3, 2008

news from Ali, 28th September 2008

Dear all

Another good news, have some sweet with family and friends the last roof
of the new building is complete.
It was cloudy sky but no rain, so it was beautiful day. About 70 workers
were working together.
I am really so tired, I am going bed good night.

Lots of love from your children

Thursday, September 11, 2008

News from Bhola Island, 11th September 2008

Before and after 2 cleft lip and palate operations
Dear all

Greetings from Bholas Children

The boy with Cleft Lip and Palate has been
for operation twice first we operated the palate
and then after some month lip the picture is after
the lip operation.

It was done in Dhaka and the Doctor we had meets
together, Mr. Salek. At the time of palate operation
took many hours. And it was really a difficult one.

A new boy is with us in this week with his mother,
father left them when he saw that the born baby
is with CP. Dear friends you are missing a lot.
Lot of things to see to feel to observe to love and to
get ideas to have experience oh my GOD.

Lots of love from the children always talking about
you when you are coming many of them don¹t know when
is November, December, January, they like to see you now.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

News from Ali, 9th September 2008

Dear all

Greetings from Bholas children

All the children are doing well. The new Building is
going high and high. Hope that third roof will be
complete in this month. At the same time we are taking
up the walls, walls in the grown floor is completed.

We have planned to have two toilet left side and
right side, walls in the middle. One for girls one
for boys in the grown floor, ten windows 21 ventilator
it will be a big room we will use as a dining room and
TV room. We will rent it out for the meeting and
seminars for the other organization and NGOs, it will
give some money to us.

We can not put any slippery tiles on the floor because
children with poor balance will fall down.
We most put some tiles on the pillar where the
children will touch with their hand. All so some
in the toilet. We will build two extra room on the top for
our VIP guest. Kitchen will be completely separate from
main building.

Lots of love from your children.

God bless you

Friday, August 29, 2008

News from Bhola Garden, 27th August 2008

Construction in progress; second floor
Dear all
Greetings from Bholas Children

All the children are doing well, Babu small boy has
get hepatitis, and we had taken to him to hospital
he is getting better now.

On 29 August Friday we are going to work with
second roof it will be many people and machine from
morning to late evening we have very hard
work. Please pray for us so nothing will happen badly.

Lots of love from your children.

News from Ali, 18th August 2008

Dear all

Greetings from Bhola,s Children

For your kind information I am back in the boundary.

All the children are doing well. Babu small boy has fever,
Monira is in Dhaka will come back when she is fit
for work.

Building construction is running soon we are going
to buy another Truck of M S Iron rod, flat bar angle bar etc.

Thanks for every thing, hope to see you soon.

Lots of love from your children.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Welcome to Bhola's Children!

Ali, staff and children on first anniversary of the registration of the charity Bhola's Children, March 2008

We have decided to keep our friends and supporters regularly updated with news from Bhola Island, where Bhola's Children supports a home and a school for orphaned and disabled children.

Life at Bhola Garden is very full and packed with events, including Independence Day parades, outings and picnics, construction of new buildings.....there is always news to tell.

Howlader M A Ali runs Bhola Garden, and has spent his life working with disabled children. He had a dream of a home and a school where all the different disabilities live and work together. That dream has now been realised at Bhola Garden.

Due to genetics and bad diet, there are many disabled children born on Bhola Island, including children born with cleft lips and palates. As soon as a baby is born with this disability, the parents contact Ali who in due course arranges for the necessary operations in Dhaka. We have recently funded operations for 10 children with cleft lips.
Before (above) and after (below) the cleft lip operations, July 2008

Other recent achievements include a new glass eye for Surma, who had acid thrown into her face when she was ten years old, and refused the advances of a boy. Surma is now married to Bachu, has a son called Babu (see photographs below); they have bought their own piece of land on which they will be building a house.

Surma, Bachu and Babu with Ali (above) and Babu (below)

We are also currently fundraising for the construction of a new building, which will provide accommodation for 50 children instead of the present dozen who live at Bhola Garden.

First floor construction (above) and the second floor goes up (below), August 2008

We look forward to Ali's monthly updates, and hope you enjoy reading about our progress and achievements.