Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Bengali New Year

Yesterday was Bengali New Year’s Day. The children were in high spirits, having been at the children’s park – just up the road – until late in the evening. Most of them, apart from one small deaf boy, are over the chicken pox.

Ali, as usual, asked for our prayers for the construction of the first roof last Sunday. He is always nervous about these moments in the building process, with 50 men and boys running up and down ladders at great speed with baskets of cement on their heads. It was also extremely hot. All went well, there were no accidents, and as you can see the first floor is looking good.

They now have to stop building for two weeks. Never one to let the grass grow beneath his feet, Ali tells me they are building shower and toilet facilities at Valumia. This is above the tube well. We of the fair sex who regularly spend whole days at Valumia are delighted that the pressure will be off…