Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Wedding

Monira, a deaf girl, and Muntu marry

Monday, November 8, 2010

Laily gets married!

Laily and Rofiq Marriage ceremony Laily is with one leg and Rafique don't have any disability. They meet each other in Dhaka when she was in training.

Please pray for them for there happy life.

All the children injoy the marriage it was in the boundary Bholas children

flood update from Ali, late October 2010

"Dear all
I thing you have seen the picture from Velumia and you have seen how much damage we have in Velumia:
1. Papaya tree the good fruit it was about 167 papaya tree in Velumia and in the boundary, about half of it fall down when it was heavy rain. The rest of the plant die now a days, in every tree it was so much papaya

2. Plantation, Vegetable are totally damage the field look like playground in the boundary and also in Velumia.
3. Other fruit trees some die witch can’t except the water others are still alive.
4. Paddy field is not damage totally some part of it is not so bad.
5. Damage, in the boundary Bhola garden are the wood, some Iron, some machine partly damage some should be repair may be some will damage the electric Motors
6. Fish in the pond first and second night we worked heard but after it was not possible to stop the fish to go out. so some fish was gone too.
7. The construction of the new building was not start fully but the sand was washed out a lot. and it will be late to start again.
8. Boundary wall and the wall for the tin shad building is not fall down but the water was coming threw so partly damage down part. Main problem that we don’t have time to go back and replant all the vegetable and the fruits tree as well as the paddy. We are trying to plant the vegetable we will buy the plant for plantation, we don’t have time to make the seedling and start again. The price is very high Directly we have lose of GBP 7000, for the crops and for the other damage is costly more than GBP 10,000. That was a rough idea.
Thank you so much we have start for the emergency work, all the staffs and children are working very heard.
Lots of love from your children"