Thursday, September 11, 2008

News from Bhola Island, 11th September 2008

Before and after 2 cleft lip and palate operations
Dear all

Greetings from Bholas Children

The boy with Cleft Lip and Palate has been
for operation twice first we operated the palate
and then after some month lip the picture is after
the lip operation.

It was done in Dhaka and the Doctor we had meets
together, Mr. Salek. At the time of palate operation
took many hours. And it was really a difficult one.

A new boy is with us in this week with his mother,
father left them when he saw that the born baby
is with CP. Dear friends you are missing a lot.
Lot of things to see to feel to observe to love and to
get ideas to have experience oh my GOD.

Lots of love from the children always talking about
you when you are coming many of them don¹t know when
is November, December, January, they like to see you now.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

News from Ali, 9th September 2008

Dear all

Greetings from Bholas children

All the children are doing well. The new Building is
going high and high. Hope that third roof will be
complete in this month. At the same time we are taking
up the walls, walls in the grown floor is completed.

We have planned to have two toilet left side and
right side, walls in the middle. One for girls one
for boys in the grown floor, ten windows 21 ventilator
it will be a big room we will use as a dining room and
TV room. We will rent it out for the meeting and
seminars for the other organization and NGOs, it will
give some money to us.

We can not put any slippery tiles on the floor because
children with poor balance will fall down.
We most put some tiles on the pillar where the
children will touch with their hand. All so some
in the toilet. We will build two extra room on the top for
our VIP guest. Kitchen will be completely separate from
main building.

Lots of love from your children.

God bless you