Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An exciting opportunity for our blind girls

There is great news for our two blind teenage girls Rozina and Supia. Bruna has formed an extremely positive and helpful relationship with a well-established charity in Bangladesh, called Rishilpi. Bruna has now written:

Last November when Holger and I were in BCPS we talked with Ali of the possibility of the two blind girls, Rozina and Supia, to go to Rishilpi for a while to learn and train to become physiotherapists.

In Rishilpi there is a very good and professional physiotherapist and teacher that is blind! He is extremely good; everyday there are over 40 children that come with mothers to have physiotherapy and learn what to do at home.

It would be a wonderful opportunity for them to learn something useful, good and practical that will give them a better purpose in life and a better future. It will also give them a proper job in BCPS and if they are good and successful they could also help children outside BCPS in the local community

We hope that on the 7th February Rozina and Supia will arrive in Rishilpi with their escorts Shefali and Livia to start the greatest and most important adventure of their lives.

Livia, the volunteer Swiss nurse, will accompany the girls and stay for a while to see the medical department of Rishilpi to get some ideas for BCPS too.

Ali has permission from the girls' guardians, so they are all set to go.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A new baby girl in Bhola Garden

We are all delighted to announce the birth, on 9 January 2012, of Shathi's daughter. Our lovely deaf Shathi married Dipok in January 2010 and they are blissfully happy together. They are now the proud parents of this beautiful little girl. All the children are thrilled with their new baby.

Friday, January 6, 2012

a new building for a new year

Ali and the children send best wishes for the New Year. They all had a good Christmas and are now back in school or further training.

The married staff have moved into the new building and are very happy with their new accommodation. As you will see from the photographs of Monira and Surma, it is excellent and a great improvement on their previous rooms.