Saturday, March 21, 2009

Message from Birgitta & Christer Wallhagen and Lena & Lennart Backman, March 09

Our experience of meeting with Bhola Children

To have the opportunity to visit Bhola Children
has made our lives richer. Getting together in
an atmosphere of love, where religion, disability or
other status is not important but the love of God

The joy to live in their own paradise on earth
without fear of not being good enough to be removed
or supported by the Community. Unfortunately it is
these people's experiences in these previous life.
They have been removed fromthe selected context.
It can not leave anyone indifferent. It's really the
way we all would face each other to see the possibilities
in every human being in spite of our limitations.
Remember when our newly won friends sang
together, "We shall overcome one day and we
are not afraid", it was impossible to hold
back the tears.

It is precisely this type of community that
we all need. Where our hearts meet in love and
grateful public intersection. This produces grace.

The day after we arrived, we got to attend the
inauguration of the new house children are now moving
into. Then it was more than a party. It was incredibly
gratifying to see how well the children have received it.
This was also Ali's birthday and the first time he had
celebrated it in 56 year, so knew joy no bounds.
We took part of the dancing and were allowed to see
how the deaf girls danced with a great sense of rhythm
in their bodies.

What a privilege to be involved in the children's
joy who have experienced that their disability
has made them outcasts from the family and society
have brought them to a heaven on earth. Where
everyone felt love for its own sake.

It is clear that we sent many grateful thoughts
to all people who have given of their abundance
to these children. Hope that the joy from the
children and young people is spreading to the people
who have opened their wallets and given to those
in need.

Birgitta and Christer Wallhagen
Lena and Lennart B├Ąckman

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