Saturday, January 30, 2010

News from Bhola, January 2010

Dear all,

Winter has ended in Bangladesh, and spring
has arrived with some good news.

Our lovely Shathi has married Dipok.
Shathi is a deaf Hindu girl whom we all love.
Dipok is also Hindu and has worked in the
boundary for over a year, running the metal
workshop. Although he is a few years older
than Shathi, we are delighted with the marriage.
He will look after her very well and, of course,
is proficient in sign language. They are both
living in the boundary and I am longing to see
them when I arrive next month.

We have bought a tractor and you can see Montu
ploughing the lower field at Valumia ready for sowing.
The other photograph shows the upper field full of
delicious vegetables which I am looking forward to

Arm out of plaster, all ready to go and help on Bhola!

Ali and the children send you their love and
thanks for making so many things possible,

And so do we all at Bhola’s Children


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