Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bruna and Dinah walk for Bhola’s Children: 112 kms
to Santiago de Compostela

Last October, Bruna and Dinah decided to walk the
last stretch of the Cam
ino de Santiago, to raise money
for our new workshop and tailoring room.

Unfortunately Bruna slipped
on the ice before Christmas
and broke her ankle. The following day, Dinah did the
same but only broke her wrist. We hoped that Bruna’s
ankle, by some miracle and much help from Swiss doctors,
would recover and enabl
e her to walk the whole way,
rather than resort to taxis. As you will see from her account,
she made it – as did Dinah, for whom it was the second time
but whose legs, even though four years older, behaved

We knew we had the good wishes of Ali and the children
every step of the way.

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