Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A worrying message from Alibhai

Dear all, > > Plitical situation is very bad, Police,Bangladesh Rifels Bouder > guard, Army, Navy force are in the fields, on the road in the river. > We don't know what will happen today. 20 children are at School now > other is at home. > > All the food price are gone high. So cold we, can not go out, one of > our friends son 18 month is died for cold sicknes, in the house can't > walk with out shoue, children non't have socks, not good worm cloth > too. The nigt is very cold at the day is very fogi can not see the > sun. > > So you know what is going on in Bangladesh. We needs medicine for cold > and the sicknes from cold. The children are in the boundray are doing > well. > > Lots of love from your children > > Alibhai >

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